Production Management

Vitacare Labs policy on production is embodied in its philosophy that it will dedicate all necessary resources to ensure that any product manufactured and packaged meets the standards for Strength, Integrity, Stability, and Quality.

Vitacare is committed to continuous improvement in all activities in the Manufacturing and Production areas. The company is permanently in search of more efficient, reliable and accurate production methods and technologies.

Production Responsibilities

  • Deliver to the customers only products that meet all standards of weights, measures, aesthetics and coding.
  • Execute all operations efficiently and ethically. Provide the most reasonable safe and hygienic work environment.
  • Using only raw materials and packaging components approved by our customers and Quality Assurance Department.
  • Establish and enforce Good Manufacturing Procedures.

Manufacturing/Batching Department

  • Dispensing

An enclosed, GMP-compliance area designated to dispense (pre-weigh) all raw materials.

  • Liquid Batching Area

Standard kettles and steam-jacketed kettles ranging from 100 litres to 16,000 litres. The kettles are equipped with sweep agitators and mixer speed controls. This area is also equipped with multiple holding tanks.

  • Stick Batching Area

Jacketed stainless steel kettles, with double and triple action mixers, are arranged around the stainless steel mezzanine. The transfer lines are heated and in a closed loop, to accurately control the temperature of the product during the filling process.