The Company

Vitacare Labs is a quality contract manufacturer of private label health and beauty aids, OTC, household cleaning and pet products. Our product line consists of shampoos, body lotions, hair care products, skin care products (bottles, jars or tubes), bath and body products, deodorant sticks and anti-perspirants, along with an assortment of cleaning items.

Vitacare has positioned itself to be a well priced manufacturer with capabilities to run both small and large quantities of private branded products. The Company maintains a state of the art laboratory on site to provide research and development of new products and formulas.

Vitacare has the capacity to process 100,000 units of product per day on 2-10 hour shifts. Currently, with one deodorant stick line Vitacare is capable of producing more than 25 million sticks annually. It is expected Vitacare will eventually run two 10 hour shifts five days per week as business increases.

The Plant

Vitacare Labs head office and manufacturing is located at 1186 Cardiff, in Mississauga, Ontario. Vitacare also has a warehouse facility at 1126 Cardiff. These sites are located in industrial and commercial zones with heavy and light industry manufacturing companies, retail and commercial units, offices, and some nearby residential centres. As part of the GTA, Mississauga City regulations are comprehensive. Vitacare makes every effort to comply with all of them.

Vitacare is a Class IV Drug Establishment and Natural Health Product licensed manufacturing premise authorized to fabricate, package, label and wholesale Class IV/NHP products.

The plant is in a standing-alone building of 25,000 square feet of floor area including 2,000 square feet of office space. Vitacare’s warehouse location is approx. 12,000 square feet. Parking, traffic and load/unload areas surround the entire buildings, and are well identified and controlled with state of the art surveillance monitoring systems.

The building where Vitacare houses its Head Office and manufacturing is approximately 20 years of age. All interior areas of the facilities have been upgraded and modernized to comply with the current requirements for the industry.