Products & Services

Vitacare Labs, as a contract manufacturer, is committed to providing it’s customers with only the highest quality and trend setting personal care products, customizing each formulation according to individual customers’ specifications.

Utilizing state of the art packaging (tubes, bottles, jars, caps, sticks) we offer a wide array of bath and body products for men, women and children of all ages.

Hair Care:
Our customized hair care products use the latest trends and technology and can be formulated using active and natural ingredients.
  Shampoos(Medicated and Non-Medicated) Hair Sprays(non-aerosol)
  Conditioners Pomades
  Styling Gels Spritzes
Indulgent formulations for the entire family, to meet daily body grooming needs.
  Foam Bath Body Wash
  Kids Bubble Bath Liquid Soap
  Bath Oil Foaming Hand Soap
  Shower Gels    
Skin & Body:
Luxurious Body Lotions, Moisturizers and Facial Serums with hydrating and rejuvenating properties to replenish essential nutrients in the skin.
  Lotions(Medicated and Non-Medicated) Face and Body Moisturizers Lip Balms
  Creams(Medicated and Non-Medicated) Exfoliants Body Butters
  Scrubs Toners Massage Oils
  Body Splashes Acne Serums Sun Care
  Glitter Gels Eye Creams Aloe Vera Gel
Baby Products:
Our Baby Products meet the highest standards with gentle mild formulas, soothing aromas and special blends to caress and pamper baby’s delicate skin.
  Shampoo Oil and Oil Gel
  Lotions Petroleum Jelly
  Washes Liquid Powder
We offer a wide range of OTC products developed and manufactured to offer safe and effective results.
  Vapor Rub Ultra Sound Gels
  Ice Gels Rubbing Alcohol
  Hand Sanitizers Peroxide
  Non Alcohol Hand Sanitizers    
Oral Hygiene
Our Oral Care products are manufactured to be an effective aid to promote good oral hygiene.
  Mouthwash (alcohol and non-alcohol)    

Deodorants and Anti-Perspirants are formulated to meet customer specifications.  Fresh, natural and traditional scents will appeal to many different consumer demographics.
  Propylene Glycol Gel Sticks
  Alcohol Paraben Free
  Glycerine Glycol Free
  Soft Solids Regular